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The final trip  -  "Tiger`s Revenge"!
492nd BG, 858th BS   -    aircraft number:  B-24H 42-94816


(Norwegian speaking visitors can read about Operation Carpetbaggers here)

Saturday evening 21st. April 1945 a B-24 Liberator took off from Harrington Airfield Northamptonshire in England. Its mission, supplying MILORG the Norwegian resistance movement base "Hansesprangsæter", northwest of Oslo. Approaching from the  North Sea, they were attacked by a German Messerschmitt fighter over Risør / Søndeled, which in the words of the pilots of the B-24 “did a good job”, two fuel tanks caught fire and one engine was out. One containers with four radios and a part of the aircraft fell to the ground. The damage was too extensive for a safe return to England or neutral Sweden. Soon after the Messerschmitt broke off its attack Captain Keeney ordered his men to evacuate, they were by then over in Brunlanes south Norway. The burning B-24 flew over the town of Stavern on a northwest course. Captain Keeney jumped out last, at an altitude of 1000 feet. The B-24 on its own made a nearly 360 degree turn near to Nevlunghavn, crashing some 400 yards from where Captain Keeney had landed, close to the Eklund farm. So close to the farm building that one wing of the B-24 tore of 3 roof tiles. On impact the B-24 went up in flames and ammunition exploded, reducing the B-24 to a chard wreck. The night of the accident was clear and calm, apart from Captain Keeney, one other witnessed the last minutes of the flight and the B-24’ impact.
Captain Keeney awoke the people of the farm of Severin Sandene, no one at the farm spoke English. Keeney was escorted some kilometres to meet an English speaking student, explaining to him the horrific story of the nights happening. The young student, who also was a member of  local Norwegian  resistance MILORG realized soon the seriousness of the affair rushed to inform his platoon leader, it was then 05:00 Hrs. The leader and student joined up with Captain Keeney at the farm and escorted him by cover, passing Manvik and Berven to Aske Free Church for safety.
At Aske church he was placed in the attic. Keeney was given food, telling his rescuers the nights happening and that the B-24 had a crew of 10 men. Two MILORG men were present with Captain Keeney the remainder of his stay at Aske church for safety. The platoon leader left to inform the MILORG area leader of happenings preparations for search of the B-24’s missing crew, it was 07:00 Hrs. It was expected that the German troops would start a big operation and therefore it was vital to locate and bring to safety the missing crew of the B-24. German soldiers based at Oddane Fort arrived some 11/2 hours later at the farm owned by Sandene; requisition a room, remaining at the farm for a week  The MILORG organisation went in to action, established a temporary headquarter at the Tanum vicarage, 40 young men went in to action rounding up 7 of the missing aircrew .Further they organised a boat for safe passage to Sweden. Passes was needed for safe journey,”false” documents was produced. Captain Keeney had no picture, therefore one of the MILORG men brother’s photos would have to do.
The German engaged a big search party of between 300 to 400 men divided into teems of 8 to 10 men. They combed the area stopping all people, MILORG men as well, that travelling on the roads. The German soldiers mostly stayed on the roads, seldom went out into the woods and fields.


 After hours of hiding and running seven of the airmen were transported to the neutral Sweden on Sunday evening.
brave Norwegians, Josef Anker Løvdal and Anders Ahlgren did two trips across the Oslo fjord to the Bohuslän area in the small open boat "Neptun". Returning from the last trip the boat disappeared due to bad weather and the crew has never been seen again. They had on board 400 kg guns and ammunition to MILORG.  They had opened their escape route in 1943. The first person they took over to Sweden was an escaped  Russian POW. During these years they saved the lives of probably hundreds of people. By 10:00 Hrs. AM on Monday the 23. of April all seven airmen had arrived safely in Strømstad. They were back in England at 16:00 Hrs that same day!  

Two airmen with broken legs were caught by the Germans and held prisoners until the end of the war on 8 May, 1945. One airman was killed while jumping from the plane. On the “The crew” page you can read the happening of each of the B-24’s crew.
Operation codename: "Crupper 8"