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This is a brief overview over what happened to the crew. You will find more details at the documents page. A lot of interesting details are probably missing. Please send us an email if you have further information!

Tail gunner Arthur L. Greenwood
- jumped as the first man from the burning airplane. He hit the ground at Enigheten outside of Stavern and broke his left leg. The local residents took him to a nearby hospital and a Norwegian doctor (Welding) took care of his leg, but before the resistance could take him into hiding he was arrested by German forces. He and Jack Divine were then transported by train from Larvik to Oslo without any possibility of escape.
He stayed at "Rikshospitalet" (A hospital in Oslo) under German surveillance until the liberation - May the 8. 1945.
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Flex gunner Robert P. Beard
landed in the forest at Brunla. He was hiding alone until Thursday May the 26. when he was found  MILORG. He was later taken to Sweden from Stavern in a fishing vessel. He was the last crew member to leave Norway.

Navigator Jack L. Divine
- Divine broke his leg during the landing. The Germans were tipped off by a local person. He was arrested and brought to a local German field hospital. There he stayed until the end of the war.


Radio operator Hubert A. Brabec
- landed by Haga. He and Broaddus contacted the people at a nearby farm. The farmer contacted MILORG and they gave them shelter before being escorted to Hvarnes - then to Viksfjord and Sweden.
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Engineer Robert L. Broaddus
- landed by Haga. He and Brabec contacted the people at a nearby farm. The farmer contacted MILORG and they gave them shelter before being escorted to Hvarnes - then to Viksfjord and Sweden.
Flex gunner Ralph L. Maassen
- landed in the forest by Hvatum. He later met with McClure and Divine. They where brought to the Tanum Church where they stayed until Sunday evening.  They were then moved by MILORG to Hvarnes north of Larvik until they were transported by boat from Viksfjord to Sweden the next day.
Read Maassens Inteligence report here.
Radar-Bombardier  Stephen J. Marangas
- could not find his parachute, and attempted to hold to one of the others. He managed to hold on a short while but the jerk of the unfolding chute made him loose his grip and he fell to his death. The Germans recovered his body and buried him at the graveyard at Undersbo. After the war the remains were brought back to the
CO-pilot Hayden R. Parker
- was discovered by MILORG in the Haugene forest. He was taken to Brunla and then moved several times before he was offered shelter in Larvik. From Larvik he was moved by car to Viksfjord from were he was brought to Sweden by two Norwegians in a small open boat.
On the way back to Norway the boat disappeared due to bad weather and has never been found. The boat with the two Norwegians Ahlgren and L°vdal had done several trips carrying equipment and refugees to Sweden during the war.
Flex gunner Claude McClure Jr.
- landed north of Hvatum. He had broken a leg and lay out in a field for six hours. He then crawled over to the Hvatum farm and knocked on the door.
Nicolay,  the farmers son spoke English and they hid him a the nearby forest together with Maassen. Thery were then moved to the Tanum Church and later to Hvarnes then Viksfjord and finally to Sweden. 
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Pilot Ralph W.Keeney
- He sent the plane on a course out to sea before he jumped, but it turned around in the air above the small town of Nevlunghavn, and came crashing into the ground just a few 100 meters from where Keeney
landed. He was taken to safety by the MILORG and brought in open boat from Stavern to the gathering place at Viksfjord. He there joined with Maassen, Mac Clure, Brabec and Broaddus.  From Viksfjord the sailed to Sweden. On Monday the 23 April 6 they where back in England.
Keeney┤s story told by Severin Sandene.