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Newspaper article about a reunion of some of the crew members.
(The Raymond Times
Raymond, Illinois)

"A very special day." -  American airmen on a short visit to Brunlanes in Norway,  21. April 1945. Told by one of who was there -  Robert Lillestølen

- Bjarne Storm Halvorsen

Arthur L. Greenwood



Letter from Arthur L.Greenwood, 2007

Arthur L.Greenwood´s story - WWII, 2007








Claude McClure Jr.



Claude McClure,
name and rank

Pitcure of the Hvatum farm where Claud was hidden. Newspaper article "Pilot missing" Newspaper article "Pilot missing"

Letter from Claude McClure Jr. to Nicolay Hvatum, Oct.8.1945

Letter from Mrs. McClure (Claud´s mother)
to Mrs. Monsen Hvatum, Nov.28. 1945
Letter from Mrs. Clure (Claudes wife)
to Nicolay Hvatum 23.09.2005
Nicolay Hvatum - his story of the USA pilots 1945






Ralph Keeney


Letter from Sigurd Aske to Ralph Keeney 1948-03-08
It gives a lot of detail about the B24 crash and the Norwegian Resistance.


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Letter from Severin Sandene  to Ralph Keeney 1946 10 29

  Newspaper article "Pilot missing"  






Hubert A.Brabec


Newspaper articles about  Staff Sgt. Hubert A.Brabec
(Billings Gazette, Montana)
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Ron Maassen


Intelligence reports
(from Ron Maassen)
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Misc. documents concerning   Staff Sgt. Ralph Lawrence Maassen
(from Ron Maassen)

Air Transport Operation Report - 18/20 April 1945   US declaration of Citizenship -
SSgt.Ralph L. Maassen
(Ron Maassen)
  Letter from War Dept. to Mrs. Alice M.Maassen
(Ron Maassen)
  Telegram to Mrs. Alice M.Maassen
(Ron Maassen)
Secret orders from the US Legation in Stockholm
(Ron Maassen)
  "Nödfallsvisering" - Swedish police document -
SSgt.Ralph L. Maassen
(Ron Maassen)
  Award given to the rescuers at the memorial meeting September 2001 Newspaperclippings - Maassen missing
(Ron Maassen)






Individual casualty questionnairs

"I saw Lt.Marangas bail out on S/Sgt. Hubert A.Brabec`s back. Sgt. Brabec blacked out when the chute opened, and when he came back to consciousness, he saw no sign of Lt . Marangas   "While I was in the German hospital, this German Major told me that a body had been found and was identified as Stephen Marangas by his dog tag..."   "St.Keeneys of our crew said Marangas` chute could not be found....."   "German intelligence officer said Marangas was found, and identified by his dog tag. Reported to be burried in a Norwegian cemetry"


"When S/Sgt. Brabec regained senses Lt. Marangas was not with him..." "Misplaced chute on board. Due to battledamage and resulting gas fumes, could not cross bomb bay to procure extra chute carried in waist. In desperation went out with radioman. Fell off while opening of chut............" "The underground men in Norway that I made contact with said they found one person.........."