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The crew      

Tigers Revenge-crew
(Hubert Brabec, in front at the extreme left)
Robert Broaddus Hubert A.Brabec Robert Broaddus (left) and Hubert Brabec  photographed in civilian clothing given to them  by MILORG, shortly after the crash.
Robert Broaddus(left) and Hubert Brabec together with MILORG men. The pilot Ralph 
The radio operator
Hubert A. Brabec
Jack Divine
SSgt.Ralph L. Maassen      










After the WWII      


 Reunion 1994
Hayden Paker, Hugh (Pete) Brabec, Bob Broadus, Robert Beard  (The Raymond Times, Raymond, Illinois)
The movie - "Nødlanding"   
 -newspaper article


Arthur L.Greenwood
Tail gunner Arthur L.Greenwood visiting Norway in June 2007 together with his son John Keith.
Lunch at Hotel Wassilioff in Stavern. Arthur L. Greenwood meets the restisance men who are still alive,  their famillies and other guests of honour.
In the attic of the Tanum Church Visiting the Tanum Church Movie (MPG) from Arthur L.Greenwoods visit to Norway, June -07 Gunnar Foldvik presenting the Tiger´s Revenge story to the congregation at the Tanum Church
Appropriate transportation!      

Ralph W.Keeney  (received from Erik Andresen, Keeney´s grandson

Ralph W.Keeney in 1952 Ralph W.Keeney,
 60. anniversary
Ralph and Mary Keeney,
Hubert Brabec

Hubert Brabec, left, talks with Norwegian filmmaker Morten Harangen and Annette Blakenship, the daughter of Bob Broaddus, one of Brabec's crew members. Brabec is telling the story of being shot down and rescued from the Germans by the Norwegian Resistance for a film by Harangen (LARRY MAYER/Gazette staff).

Ralph L. Maassen
Ralph L. Maassen, 2002      












The MILORG  (the   Resistance)

 Milorg members at one of  their hidingplaces
The resistance men (MILORG) at the memorial gathering -Sept.2001 (photo: Janke Mürer) "NEPTUN"
- the escape boat
Josef Anker Løvdahl
sailor on the Neptun









The plane
Tiger´s Revenge
(Ron Maassen)
Tiger´s Revenge The crashed plane outside the barnhouse at Eikelund The barnhouse at Eikelund
Map showing the end of the flight over Brunlanes.
The numbers indicate where the crewmembers bailed out












  Badge from Keeny`s cap Parkes`s wings  given to Gunnar Foldvik The Tanum Churh
 were three of the airmen hide.
Map showing
Larvik / Norway
Screenshot from
the picture "Nødlanding"
Harald Tvetene,
Bjørn Sedberg and Sverre Tvetene at the memorial gathering -Sept.2001
(photo: Janke Mürer)
Brigadier John S.Woodward,  Air Attache at the US embassy in Oslo – giving the award to Erling Foyn who is the sun of one of a local doctor who helped the airmen.
(photo: Janke Mürer)
Lacework from parachute lines Keeney`s parachutebag Keeney`s parachute Keeney`s parachute-harness
Waist slip made from parachute fabric Girls dress made from parachute fabric Arnfinn Stamsø with a shirt made from parachute fabric (photo: Ole Jørn Alfsen) Radio found at the Stamsø farm near Søndeled (photo: Ole Jørn Alfsen)

This rosary (Catholic prayer chain) is found in Tanum church. It is quite likely left behind by Ralph Maassen, one of the crew of the U.S. plane that crashed the night of the 21. April 1945. Home forces brought Maassen Ralph and Claude McClure at Tanum church Saturday 21. April in the afternoon, and they remained hidden in the attic of the church to Sunday afternoon. They where thus present at the Sunday worship 22. April.
 From Tanum church they where transported to Viksfjord and forth by boat to Sweden.
 Such rosary was specially made for Catholics in the U.S. Air Forces during the war. The pilots has certainly left behind rosary in church to show his gratitude to God that he had been rescued.